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Server not appearing in Steam Server Browser.


We have been running a 64 slot server with a 66 tick for about 4 months and was wondering why we weren't getting so many new players. Now we know! It's not showing up in the Steam server borwser.

Our sv_region is set to 3.

Anyone got any ideas?


If anyone has ever joined then its showin up in the list. more then it likely it will not show up in your masterlist, most routers wont allow it. But like i said if anyone has ever joined outside you LAN then its posted.

But I'm not on the same LAN as the server (Which is in a proper datacenter).

I'm just at home and neither I nor our clan members can see the server listed in the Steam server browser.
Ahh ok well thats a whole different story then. Dont know to much bout runnin servers from other places so im pretty sure someone will read this and post about it.

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