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Well, I have everything downloaded and up to date, and the server works fine via LAN, but when I forward the ports in my router (DLINK DI624) and my firewall (ZoneAlarm Suite), I get no where. I am using my local IP for the command line when I go to run the server. My IP changes on a FREQUENT basis becuase of the FIOS... could that be a problem? What do I need to do to get this up and running? Thanks in advance for any help...

-Brett G
You are going to need to set a static IP for you server. If your server starts then the IP changes then the forwarding and all other settings for a specific IP are lost.
i am using the exact same setup, verizon fios, di-624, but GET RID OF ZONEALARM, its more trouble than its worth and unneccesary since your already behind the router, plus is not help with that router and they say it can be done, so youll have to visit the Dlink or Click Hereto go right to the page you need, follow step by step and walla, will show up online , BUT the ip will change everytime you restart the server..Sad unless you want to pay extra for a static ip...hth

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