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A question about HLTV for CS:S
I've got a question about HLTV for CS:S on a Linux-Machine...
I want to ask if there is a HLTV Server for CS:S or HL²DM?
I tried the HLTV server of CS 1.5 but it didn't work.
PLZ can anybody say me sth about this really big problem for me..
I want to make CS:S videos for myself but without HLTV i can do nothing.
PLZ help me
PS: If there should be a HLTV Server plz post the command for download or etc.
could somebody say me if there is HLTV available for CS:S??
there was an awsome HLTV howto on the steam forums but those forums have disappeared for me.

I have asked for good documentation on this subject but no seems to have any.
I've the same question like EagleEye.
I'm running a Clan-Server and i want to record the games to identify any cheaters on our server so i can ban they by their Steam_ID.
So is there any possibility to run a HLTV server for Counter-Strike:Source??

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