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Sprays only work 1 at a time?
Is there a way to enable multiple sprays?
(By multiple sprays, I mean spraying more then once without the first spray disappearing)

Call me crazy, but I found that particular aspect of CS1 to be rather entertaining. My clan and I used to kill time after a fight, painting the entire bomb site with our sprays, and I miss that about this game.

I've searched through every setting I can find in regard to sprays and the like, and have yet to run across a mod or hack or anything that could rectify this issue for me.

Anyone here have any pointers? Shy
hey i dont think there is anyway to do it..but something funny..i sprayed once in css and i went back to the sever 3 days later and my spray was stuck there lol it was funny casue they where like how are you doing multiple sprays? Toungue just thought id shere that so there might be a way to set it to do that on your own sever but idk

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