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rcon probelm (rcon not working right)
I have a linux box running two servers. I have one nic and few ip-addresses. I have the servers running on different ip-addresses and I start them with +ip command. Now for example map de_dust2 is running. Next map is de_dust. I try to change map to de_piranesi with rcon changelevel de_piranesi. The server just jumps to the next map in the cycle. In this case de_dust.

I've tried inputting rcon_address in the server and on the client. Not helping. I've tried to put the server on different ports. Still not working. I've tried to put servers on the same ip address and different port. Still not working. Any ideas?

I have all the ipaddresses and ports open from the firewall.
are you running mani mod on the server?

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