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Please help!
Okay, I've been setting up a CS Source server. To give you an overview of what I have done, I have forward my ports (2700-27015), disabled my firewall, and set up mani. I can see my server in the game list, however I can not see it on or any other server similar to that. And my MAJOR problem, is RCON, for some reason it tells me whenever I try and do a command unable to connect to remote server ( however, if I change my port to 27015, I can use rcon, but I can't see my server in the internet games, only the lan. Any idea what I may be doing wrong, any help would be appreciated, I'm absoultely stumped on this. If anyone needs any other info just let me know. Thanks in advance.
Some modems/routers dont all you to see your server on the "MAster Game List"


But why wouldn't I be able to access the RCON commands?
Forward port 27000-27015 tcp.


take a look at this
[Image: doofosmitchor1.png]
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