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My Server Doesn't Show Up In The Server List
Ok so i recently setup my own Home Hosted CSS server. It works great for my clan. Everyone can connect as long as they add the IP to their favorites. One problem though. If you don't know the IP it's impossible to connect. Our server wont show up in the server list. I know this because our server was set to 747_cs_ whatever its called but when i filtered it to that map only one server came up. Except for map the filter was empty. We never get ppl come into our server unless they know our IP.
make sure its set to sv_lan 0 and make sure you visit to verify your external address and make sure you have the proper ports open, thats what happened when mine wasnt showing up online....hth
well the thing is that ppl out side my network can join as long as they have the ip.

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