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Shocking Health Facts
Lavender Oil: Mix other oils like rosemary oil with lavender oil to stimulate hair growth This is one of the best aromatherapy oils and a regular massage with it will definitely result in hair growth You can certainly use lavender oil daily Thyme Oil: Massaging your scalp with thyme oil increases blood circulation which results in hair growth Castor Oil: Mix castor oil with some coconut and olive oil Use this mixture to massage your hair roots This mixture works best when it is heated before application Natural Beard Czar Hair growth can be increased with the use of natural supplements These supplements could be in the form of pills powders or tonics Supplements rich in beta carotene silica and vitamins like B C and E can be taken to stimulate hair growth But before opting for these supplements it's advisable to consult your doctor You can also take hair growth pills that are rich in vitamins and minerals but make sure to ask for your doctor's advice before popping any pills Tips Home remedies are the best natural.

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