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Generally referred to as 1,8 to 2 g of protein per kg of body weight to consume daily. If you make 70 kilos, this represents between 126 and 140 g of protein. And, if you convert it into solid food, this represents a fairly substantial amount of food. Some people will struggle to Iron Bull Edge eat it all. Moreover, this represents an expense, especially if you try to eat meat, fish and egg quality.
Then appears the solution supplements. A protein powder is much easier to ingest a piece of meat. It's fast, it requires no appetite and even, it may be less expensive. In addition, it has the advantage of hardly bring as proteins, which allows to manage your diet. In short, protein powder are good practices , although they should not replace solid food.
Problem when it comes to choosing between a concentrated whey and whey isolate , two of the most popular protein powder, many practitioners who are unable to decide.
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