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The price for principle kit is generally $49.95. This can sound expensive, but bear in mind you get all four products mentioned, plus a special Derm-X Towel. This kit will last two months, so which is basically $25 a month, which really isn't that expensive. Elements . get a regular membership to to the site they have. There are other available kits which a handful of extra ingredients that will cost you an a lot more.
I’m so glad I tried Dermogenix after reading its reviews. It has a very smooth texture like nothing I’ve ever used before, I just love the feel of it and I like that it’s fragrance free. I have very sensitive skin so I wasn’t sure if these kind of Skin Care Products would work for me, but my wrinkles are so less noticeable as soon as I apply! My make up goes on so smooth over it. I just find it to be a very outstanding product and I would like to recommend to all , Just try Once!! Anti Wrinkle

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