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installing srcds
ok, im trying to set up a srcds server and i do the "./steam -command create -username killer123 -email mymail@aol.meh -password moomoo -question "What do cows do?" -answer "moo"" not working, do i try the "./steam -create killer123 mymail@aol.meh moomoo "What do cows do?" "moo""hmm that doesnt work either i get the "Checking bootstrapper version ..." and it gives me a list of commands, so i say to my self "self, i have an xtra account, lets use that. so i skip down to "./steam -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir . -username killer123 -password moomoo -remember_password" put in my info and its a nogo. so i try it like this "./steam -update "Counter-Strike Source" <MYDIR> killer123 [moomoo Y]" that doesnt work either, so i try it withought the "[]" and still the same thing, i do it a few more times and it still doesnt work.
im confused, im hosting a lan party, and i need this, can anyone help ?
edit, im posting on the linux box so its not a ssh prob, and im using the newest suse, thats 9.0 rite ?lol yea its suse 9.0
edit2, ok now it says "starting to update, connection closed by peer" i hate steam
omg ok valve is gay japj is teh roxorz !
whats the avrage download time, i live on the west coast, ive seen ppl with like 2 day dl time, but that cant be rite can it ?
it all depends really, the way my dedicated server is setup is that each connection gets a dedicated 200KB/sec(great for games Wink)
Keep in mind you're downloading about
Quote:dan@gemini dan # du -ch srcd_l/|grep total
824M total
800MB or so Smile

But anyways, at 200KB/sec it takes about. 45-60 minutes i think, not sure, i normally do something else while steam downloads.
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