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New to CS Server - server.cfg, GUI, and max players?
Hello, I am new to this so bare with me hehe. I made a server.cfg using the sample found here on these forums, made sure it is not server.cfg.txt, and placed it in the correct folder. When I start up the server through the DOS method the server.cfg doesn't do anything because the default RCON (which I don't know) is still set and the server name is "Counter-strike Source." Why isn't the server.cfg being initiated?

To get around this, I turned off the DOS prompt and started using the GUI instead. The GUI allows me to make a server name, RCON pass, etc, and all works, but the GUI is n00bish. It doesn't let you set things like the server.cfg, such as flashlight on/off.

Futhermore, the GUI only allows 32 player max with CSS but the DOS method allows the real max of 40. I want to run a 40 player server with the server.cfg. What do you recommend I do? What command should I use to turn on the server.cfg and 40 players? I made the shortcut with the DOS prompt as stated in the tutorial on this site but the server.cfg doesn't start. The GUI doesn't allow me to edit certain things and am fairly sure it does not use the server.cfg, either. So umm I'm confused...

help pls! thanks!
Just to make sure the folder is in the right place, make sure it is in the cfg folder of srcds. The only way to get 40 players is to use console, the command is "+maxplayers 40".

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