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In this phase it is imperative that your body does not lack anything. For this reason, many athletes ingest large amounts of carbohydrate with protein as Paravex they help to enter the anabolic state. This technique is especially used after workouts, since carbohydrates create insulin spikes that help proteins quickly reach the muscle when they need it the most. After the exercise, the anabolic window opens: that is the time when the body will begin to grow.

To get this effect, you can mix your protein with dextrose or maltodextrin, or even with Vitargo, to add extra carbohydrates. With respect to protein, you can choose from the diverse range of proteins that Prozis has for sale, such as Xcore Xtreme Whey or Bodyraise's new ProEffect Yummy. If you prefer, you can also opt for a complete solution that already contains these carbohydrates we have talked about in addition to the important proteins.

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