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srcds vac disabled when hlds is running before it
I run CS 1.6 and CS:S servers on the same machine. When I start my hlds and after that my srcds then srcds VAC cannot connect and VAC stays disabled.

If I try to start srcds first and after that hlds then VAC works ok on both ones. After first mapload srcds looses VAC connection and it doesnt come back if I dont manually close hlds and start srcds first again...

I suppose they use same port to connect into VAC but how in earth does this thing work only if I start hlds and then srcds...

It would be nice to have VAC enabled on both 24/7 Sad

Any help is aprisiated!
On what ports do you run your servers ?
[Image: banner.gif]

Hlds 27016
Srcds 27015

Is it possible to edit what port VAC uses?
I suppose it is port 26900, correct me if I'am wrong.

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