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Steam CSS Server Update
With the new update of my server i now can not RCON into it remotely? any ideas?

i use HLSW for desktop control, it will not connect.

and i cannot connect in the game -via- console...

no i always make a backup of my server b4 i update.. so i rolled it back to the previous version and i can RCON from it... i also made sure that my client version was also up to date as well...

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ok, found my problem

when i ran the STATUS command i found that SRCDS was auto assigning to a "non-used ethernet adapter" and it had it's ip address...

how can i manually configure SRCDS to use a certain ip and port?

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khjb007 Wrote:Add these to the command line when you start the server

+ip -port 27015
(of course, replace x's with your ip address)

It's possible to use -ip instead of +ip.

thnX, worked like a charm!
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