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Enforcing local port on srcds

I am wondering if one could _enforce_ a port when starting a CS:Source dedicated server on Linux. I have noticed that defining +port xxxxx does not necessarily mean that the server will be listening that port. The software seems to try it at first, but if it fails to bind to the port given, it will try next ports until it succeeds.

However, I have got a situation where it is better not to start the server at all - - in any port - - if the given port cannot be used.

Is there a way to prevent srcds from auto-defining the port?

The original Half-Life's hlds works as I described.
Ya i have noticed this also the only way is to start them in the same order but im sure you have them to set automaticly when the server restarts so they get different ports everytime. I have no ideas on how to fix this either but I defanitly would like to know also

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