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New to the whole linux scene and absolutely love it. Recently got a server up and running and my question is, is there an easy solution to swapping files from my windows box to my linux box. I have quite a lot of files that I want to swap to my linux box like maps and stuff. Any ideas ?
Easy way:
If you have ssh access you could use sftp to connect from the windows box to the linux box and transfer the files. I use filezilla on my windows box to sftp connect to the linux box and transfer files like that. You must specify sftp for connection type. For this you would use you username and password, of the user who runs the game server, to connect.

Or if you have an ftp server setup on the linux box you could do that to, try $man vsftpd, or you could setup a windows file share using samba, $man smbd.
Samba is how I usually transfer files between Windows and Linux.

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