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Mani-Admin Map Voteing
Hi, most servers i have ever been in have had some sort of voting system where you could vote to pick which map would be next. What im wanting, is when a player types "votemap" it comes up with a list of maps he/she can vote on from the map cycle. If the map that person votes does not get enough votes, then after the time limit is up of the map, it just changes to the next map from the map cycle. BUT if the map the player voted does get enough votes, then it of course changes to that map after the time limit is up or after Round End. I would prefer after time limit. Anybody have any helpfull comments?
Also, the voteing system to vote kick people from the server and to vote ban (which only bans them for 1 hour)
Thanks anyways, but i read some other post and have figured this out Toungue
Yeah, it is editable inside the mani_server.cfg...

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