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Mani - Admin Plugin
Here is my best tip:

Quote:Admin Features
  • Slay
  • Kick
  • Ban
  • Weapon Restrict
  • Play Sound
  • Explode effect
  • Say
  • Admin only Say
  • Rcon commands and lists
  • Plug-in control
  • Execute commands on player clients
  • Restrictions on what admins can do
General Features
  • Adverts
  • Nextmap (console or from say command)
  • Listmaps (console)
  • Votemap (console or from say command)
  • TheTime (console or from say command)
  • Timeleft (console or from say command)
  • ATAC style team kill/team wound protection
  • Statistics (top/rank/statsme)
Map specific features
  • Restrict weapons on map load
  • Execute rcon commands on map load (sv_gravity, mp_freezetime etc)

We got this plugin on 6 servers. With different levels of admins.
Running smooth Smile Highly recommended!

I have a customer who recently requested this but i wasnt sure and didnt have much time to look into it.

By your post i am assuming it doesnt create any lag problems/use much cpu etc?

Thnx Gaming Servers
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Stealth, I use this on my Linux server. I can't really compair it to most of the others because I couldn't get them to run on Linux at all.

I like it and the updates are almost twice a week.

Natural Selection
I haven't noticed any problems with this plugin. It's been running smooth since I installed it.
Installed this today on a public test server. Runs very well, and have had positive feedback from the users. It also doesn't seem to add any noticeable overhead to cpu/mem/bw usage, which is always a plus.
using this until AdminMod comes out for Source version.
@Kong Kord

Hello !!!

I have try yesterday to install this plugin on our Windows Dedicated Server.
Unfortunately this server make a "crash" after some minutes.

i have no idea which problem this is....

i read the documentation & installation guide but i cant find the problem.

also i cant use the admin command. my steam id is
in the adminlist.txt......

if you have an windows server, it is possible that you send mir your admin plugin config on my e@mail ?

This admin plugin is simply FANTASTIC !

And moreover, we can add personnal rcon commands in the menu by simply editing a textfile Smile

Thanks a lot mani and Kong Kord for ur advice Wink
I installed this mod well.... but i tried putting my steam id in the confid/ adminlist. I added my steam id, i went in my server. Now it still sais i have no access to any admin commands, someone please help!
did you bind "a" as "admin" in your C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\[STEAMUSER]\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg\config.cfg file ?

Just add a line as :

bind "a" "admin"

and then press a during game.
moon06 Wrote:did you bind "a" as "admin" in your CTounguerogram FilesValveSteamSteamApps[STEAMUSER]counter-strike sourcecstrikecfgconfig.cfg file ?

Just add a line as :

bind "a" "admin"

and then press a during game.

Doesn't function on most Mani Servers.
You have to bind the admin Key ~after~ joining a Server as Admin via Console.

and ur steamid has to be on the server's adminlist.txt
...and finally Toungue put in your steam id without plugin flags, the flags mean restriction, not feature Big Grin
i love this mod so far

what i have done is i run cs in a window on one of our laptops

go on as a spectator, then just press a for the commands.

since we are at a cafe putting a steamid/id will make it so anyone can use the commands.

until there is a way to make it so it is more secure i am bound to running it on a laptop, meanwhile it is quite fun from the laptop, and i can multitask if i wish Big Grin

still waiting on slap command.

and commands to make players drop their weapons when i restrict something
how can i permantly ban a weapon from server for ALL maps. do i have to make a text file for each map in my map rotation? or is there a way to just adjust it once.

want to ban both auto snipers and auto shotgun from every map and any map on my server.

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