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high cpu load with srcds_i686 amd runs better?!?

i just switched my 16slot cs:s funserver (tickrate66) from an amd sempron with 2200 mhz and 512 mb ram to an new machine with an celeron 2400mhz and 512mb ram. both servers run suse linux 9.3.
the amd sempron box easy runs the 16slot with maximum usage of 80% when all slots are full. but i have to rollback the server-file from v58 to v51 of the source dedicated server. to keep renice working and having good cpu-usage.
but on the celeron box the server could not handle the srcds-server. i simply copied the files from the amd to the celeron box and started it---> massive cpu usage!! with just 10/16 slots filled the celeron used 99% of cpu.
even a fresh setup of the srcds shows the same problem: massive cpu-usage! i tried v58 and v51 of the source dedicated server files, no change!
whats wrong with the intel code for srcds_i686...
why does the server on the celeron perform so bad?!?
anyone an idea why the cpu load on the celeron box is so high?
the same server on the amd sempron runs fine without high cpu usage!
Basically this is because Celeron is **** :p

How did you managed to roll the server back to v51 without making the game un-joinable due to the difference in versions between the client and server?
thanks for the answer that a celeron is bullshit, dont you think it would have been better not to post, when everything you have to say is that crap?!?
i rolled back the files under srcds/bin/ even the steam-update believes
that still v58 ist installed but in fact its v51. all my servers run with the v51 version and they are still full with players! its the only way to keep the cpu-load low and use the renice function under linux, all verions after v51 are messed up by valve!!

but none here who can post a reason for my celeron problem?!?
tirppa is correct, unless you are running one of the newer celeron D's. the sempron will stomp on your celeron each and every time. what the disabled cache makes quite a bit of difference in the performance of the celeron vs the sempron.

you can google up lots of benchmarks of celerons vs semprons if you don't believe me.

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