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my Start Up Command.....Good????or not???
Whats commands do you use to run your servers????
i currently using
nice -n -10 ./srcds_run -console -port 27015 -tickrate 100 +map de_dust2 +max_players 20 +fps_max 600

but im getting complaints that on some moments theres lagg spikes.

My Box
amd64 3200+ @ 2.4ghz
1 gig OCZ mem
2 250Gig sata hdd
running fedora 5
with webmin

set HZ to 1000

is there anything else i can do to have the box run stable
remove the nice value, valve switched to an event-driven IPC model "so i've read" and it causes the server process to eat up cpu when you renice the process, you get strange lag spikes and stuff, i had this prolem and setting the nice value to "0" solved the problem.
coool i'll change that tonight and see if i get any complaints of lagg spikes
is that the only thing you run on that box? i agree on getting rid of nice. you can sit and stare at "top" when the server is running, see how the cpu is doing though if it's just the server and nothing else you should be smooth.
all im running is my webmin,ftp and the cstrike server, the ftp is just for my use to put things up for the server and make changes so thats nothing, and webmin i use to give some ppl control of it while im out so they can restart the server and stuff, i made the cange ima check later for any complaints

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