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Really weird one.. My servers are located in Australia and I previously had all my maps on a US server and forced the downloading using sv_downloadurl

Recently I got hold of a server in Australia to download maps from so I moved everything across. If I go to the server in a browser, I download the maps at 200-250kb/sec. Whilst in the server, however, the map download is extremely slow, much slower than when the maps were hosted in the US.

Doesn't make any sort of sense to me, any ideas?
Maybe the webserver is overloaded, and when 20 people at the same time downloading the map the server doesn't have enough bandwith and/or resources. Can you PM me a 100 mb download link so I can test it?
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Nope.. I've tried it with no-one else on the server .. PM'd you the link
looks like the maps arnt being downloaded from the fileserver when in game but being sent from the game server Gaming Servers
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I've tested your download link from a few 100 mbit webservers in the netherlands (different networks) and also from home.

Seems like the uplink isn't that high, i'm only getting 50 kbs at max. If uplink is fast enough (distance doesn't matter) then after a short time the uplink should rise a few mb's when good. Looks like your uplink sucks...

What is the max you're getting ?
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