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Server Memory Usage
It seems that the srcds.exe runs waaay up on memory usage, yet when I bring up the window, and then minimize it, the usage goes all the way down to 10mb again. Sometimes from 60mb, and just instantly as soon as I open the window. Is this normal?
Well, SRCDS.EXE can use a lot more than 60MB, this depends on how long the server has runed and so on. When I was using the original SRCDS myself both windows and Linux I discovered this:

When a windows server runs for more than a working week (5 Days) It begins to act strange, It get spikes of Memory usage and CPU usage. Before the RAM usage is beginning to increase dramaticly (this is when the server is on IDE, not when ppl are playing on it)

Under linux there is CPU spikes afther 14 days, but these will stop If you restart your server. (only the SRCDS)
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