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Easy Update
OK I know that if you have to update alot of servers it can get tireing typing the command and using shortcuts are still a pain. This only makes it a bit easyer for many directorys an things like that.
@echo off
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\0\HldsUpdateTool_17.mst
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\0\ClientRegistry.blob
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\1\HldsUpdateTool_17.mst
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\1\ClientRegistry.blob
echo Valid games are...
echo Counter-Strike Source
echo dods
echo hl2mp
echo cstrike
echo czero
echo dmc
echo dod
echo recochet
echo tfc
echo redorchestra
echo sin
echo gearbox (Opossing Forces)
echo valve (Half-Life)
set /p g=Update what game:
echo Prefurably to F:\Servers\"Game"
set /p d=To directory:
echo Valid options are 0-2
set /p u=Use which updater:
F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\%u%\HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "%g%" -dir "%d%"
OK the
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\0\HldsUpdateTool_17.mst
del F:\Servers\STEAM\installer\0\ClientRegistry.blob
is to make shure that your updater dosn't mess up and I find that its smart to delete those every time anyways. If you have more you need to add the derectorys. I personaly have 13 0-12. Keep in mind that to update more than one at a time you have to use a difernt updater as you cant run more than one.
echo Prefurably to F:\Servers\"Game"
echo Valid options are 0-2
There there to just be a bit of referance and you can change them just leave the echo.

The directorys must be changed from
but at the end of the bat file make shure you dont change the letters in between the %'s or it wont work.

Now if you dont know how to create the bat.
Open notepad. (NOTE: Wordpad wont work as it dosnt save just text it adds stuff)
Put the code in and save it as <NAME>.bat

Well I think its pritty much self explanitory and I went in a bit far but if you need any help just post yoru qestion.

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