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Weird problems with server
The server absolutely wants a custom skin for de_dust, and it searches every skin folder...
I hav the newest mani plugin, and i tried to install admin skins on it, which didnt work either, because it didnt find the models, but that was due to i had placed the resource files in reserved skins folder and i wrote the resource files in admin_ct.txt and admin_t.txt...
anyway any1 got an idea about how to fix the de_dust prob?
can i please get some help? Sad
ive asked in three different forums but not one soul answers me....
please answer....not fun havin the server down......................
Well, we might have answered. But, we are at work. Don't you think?


Are you running the newest mani? I know that there is an issue with custom skins that is posted on mani's homepage. I think that you have to change the mani_skins_force-cl-minmodels to 1, but check there site out, I know that I saw something posted there. Maybe that is the issue you are having.


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