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Couple Questions
Hey guys I have a dedicated box in chicago running off of Red Hat Fedora 5, and everytime i reset the actual box and start up my CSS server the ranks are totaly erased, is there any way to make it keep record of the ranks, i am just using the basic rank system that comes with Mani mod.

Then for my main question is it compicated to multi home a linux box?? Which means multiple address. Figured a few of you on here may know how to do this.
I had this happen to me before, and the problem was that I didn't access to write to the mani folder. That could be the problem you are having. You'll have to look up the actual chown command to run to give you ownership with write access, I don't have it memorized.

I'm sorry, I meant chmod, although I think chown would work too, as the owner should have write permission.

Ya you lost me there i have no idea?
chown is to change the owner and chmod is to change the pemissions to the folder/file

make sure ur running as the user, that you used to install steam or else you will get that error, if not then u might have to set chmod 777 so everyone has access to it although i suggest u don't do that and just use chown to change the owner to the username you are trying to use.
cd cstrike folder and:
chmod -R +w cfg/
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