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Making a hl2mp Server (not doing to good)
Hey i have a verison westell Versalink 327W and I’m trying to make a hl2mp server. I can make a server (also works fine) but it ends up to be LAN, how do i change this? do i need to forward the IP? If so how do i do this? How do i change the name of the sever? If any one can help me out Plz post even if its just a bit of information, this will really help.
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to change the server name u need to put this line in your server.cfg file if u have 1..

hostname "????????" <---- question marks = what u want the name to be..

if u don't have a server.cfg file i can help u with that also.. as far as your server only showing on lan.. u need to forward your ports.. here is a link to help u with that.. hope this helps ya Smile

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