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Linksys Befsr41 v3 help?
I am trying to host a server with Mani-Admin and Quake sounds, but I can't see my server on the Steam master server list, and my friends can't add it to their favorites, or see it on the master list either.

When I look at my server info, the IP is, which is what my router supplies. There are 3 people connected to the router for the internet. My external IP in

I'm stumped. Did I do something wrong for the port forwarding? Something else I need to do?

You need to forward ports 27015 (UDP & TCP) 27020 (UDP) to the ip of the computer running the server. Add "-ip" (replace x's with the internal ip of the server) to Your server's commandline.
I tried, still can't see the server on the list.

The static IP my router gives me is, so do I put that in the port forward (under 192.168.1.___), and "-ip"? Because I'm hosting this server on my PC. Also, by "command line", do you mean console or launch properties?
On the server console, I see "" as the IP, is that what it should be?

If I'm totally wrong, and that's not the internal IP at all, then what's my internal IP?

Sorry, I haven't done this ever, so I'm pretty "compfused".
Try running your server for a while. I will see if I can find it...

Okay, putting it up now. Info:

Name: [STING] Clan Server - CTF/TDM
Players: 0 / 10

See if you can find it.
ip =

Still not getting anything. Don't see it on the steam master server list.

Can I just not see it? Did you find it that's the IP people besides me should use to add my server to their favorites?
Oh, alright. I'll try running it for a few days and see what happens.

Wasn't aware that it'd take time, again, the only servers I've hosted were Tribes 2 servers, which showed up instantly. So I'm pretty clueless.
I have my 6 person server show up right away. Maybe you server is not working right. Can you see it in the lan. Also you can go to and it will give you the master ip.
Well, I hosted it up for at least a week now, but it's not showing up on the list. I'm the only one that can add the server to my favorites, none of my friends can.
in the linksys settings put your server on the dmz, then see if people can connect to it. this leaves it open to everything so as soon as that works/doesn't work take if off of the dmz. if it works then your forwarding is configured incorrectly, if it doesn't work then it is something else.
First off your not gonna see your own server in the master list with the befsr4l. The router i have. Acutally most routers will not let u see your own server in the master list. The reason why your friends cant connect is the forwarding. I'm assuming you already have the necessary ports forwarded in the router, for your PC. Your problem is you dont have the ports forwarded in the modem also. The router knows where to send the info but your modem doesnt.
First off you need to go into the DHCP server listing in your modem configuration page.
Match your routers MAC addy's and write down the routers ip address. (not the ip given in rotuer config. page)
Now forward the ports for your routers ip address. Restart and test server.
Alright, but by DHCP server listing, do you mean Security > Filter > Edit MAC Filter Setting? If so, then I think I've already tried that from the Steam support, and that disconnected everybody that's sharing the router from the internet.
No this isnt in the router. This is in the modem. Usually the ip to your modem is, then go to status ( could be somethin close to that ), then DHCP user list. It will be somethin along those lines.
same, maybe you can change the port??

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