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Paint Ball mod
I am unsure if I should add the mod and I really dont know how to add it. I am just scared to mess up the files and have to do everything over. Has anyone added this mod and is there and way to turn it on and off.

Thanks Much,

1) If they had a forum dont you think I would be on it.
2) This is a mod that does effect srcds
3) Stop always telling people to go to diffrent forums and just help them
4) If you not goin to be usful don't post, the post above was not needed. You could have just said "hmm idk anything about this". Then move onto a topic where you could help someone.
Quote:srcds modifications
Plugins, changes tweaks for srcds.

What's the link of this mod?
[Image: banner.gif]

Well I guess its really not a mod put more of a plugin anyway I got it form filefront.
ARG you are the biggest ahole I have ment. Ok lets talk srcds. First what does it stand for. Source Dedicated Server, oh you thats right. So if I am adding or changing the srcds files what so ever, that would be called and mod. Meaning the modification of files. If I am adding something to srcds that changes it hmm maybe that is a plugin. Hmm for some reason when I think of you I think of a 12 year old girl. Why is this cuz you think your always right and can never be wrong.

So Changing the files would = a mod
And adding files would be a = plugin

Thank you

Close topic
Banrequest !

Still waiting for link from the mod/plugin/whatever...
[Image: banner.gif]

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[Image: banner.gif]

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