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Accedentaly banned
Well, i am one of the head admins on my friends server and we have a couple of other admins. And one of the other admins banned me on accident and now i cannot get back in. I have tried so many things. Last night i logged into rcon after trying so many times and got unbanned.i dont know how i did it. usually i would think i just type in the pass. but now i try and it says this.also after unbanning myself i tryed to rejoin the server a few minutes later and was auto banned again.

] rcon_password **********
] rcon say hi
Unable to connect to remote server (
Well, its probably saved in the banlist, you can find it in the /cstrike/cfg/
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nope its not....its nowhere to be found..
Bump...I need help people PLEASE
Is your server running any admin plugins? Like Mani-Admin? If so, that would be helpful to get that info out there.
You probably got banned for RCON violation (bad pass). Restart the server and you should be able to get back in.
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Stop the flaming, it's getting unnoying. Thx
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Are you using mani or anything that they could ban you through?
Seriously guys stop flaming or take it by PM.

alexzito, have you tried restarting the server? Do you have any mods that can save any ban information?

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