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Not Responding Ip
ok when i give like my friends etc my server ip my mates tell me it doesnt work ... like it doesnt respond and stuff ... i have done everything rite .. and when i load sdc there is an error materials sprites/bubble was not found ... and if i put the ip in my favourites i can see it and it works ? and is there a way to change the name of ur server

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Start by getting a working server.cfg, and go from there:
This is the same for me... I used that website to get a good config. My problem is even weirder:

(I ahev 3 friends playign css)

friend 1 works, he can join etc.
friend 2 says server isnt responding
firend 3 says server isnt responding

Then the frieds rotate, so I can only play with 1 at a time.... Sad.

I first thought it was soem mods i added, so i removed em. still problem. Help starter of this subject and me! PLZ!
IP address?


right now im testign if it is the actuall port setup (although i triple checked and it looks fine). I am removing srcds COMPLETELY and now installing it from scratch. If it still has the problem then I'll try to setup ports again or something. if it DOESNT have a problem then ill come back asking wtf i coulda done to mess it up. wish me luck. and keep your fingers crossed, because our clan server REALLy needs to be up soon (battle soon)

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