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The coronary vasculature can be divided
The coronary vasculature can be divided schematically into two sections: 1. large logs that run along the surface of the heart. 2. Small vessels that penetrate deep into the myocardium and are contingent on are effects of heart contractions. There are a few anastomotic branches between vitamin of health small coronary arteries that do not develop Fig. 10.3 Coronary Arteries. Interventricular branch (anterior descending) coronary artery der. left coronary artery. Circumflex marginal Rama Rama Rama interventricular (posterior descending) 108 Propedeutics clinical and medical SEMIOLOGY SECTION I exaggerated, unless in elderly patients or when a coronary heart condition occurs. These communications can transport blood back and forth and connect the branches of the right coronary artery with branches of the left coronary .

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