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The good old 100 tick server
Alright lets start here... We got a srcds server running just fine we got the .cfg working properly now i read through like 5 100 tick question posts and none of them give me an ansewer. Well, we've been trying to get the server to 100 tick for about a week and running -tickrate 100 in the cmmd line, but the only thing is that it says 56/s-65/s on the top right where fps is and the bottom says like 70/s-100/s, But when i go on other servers the top one is 100/s-105/s and bottom is 40/s-60/s, plus the pings are low. My ping our server: 65-75 Omera server in same location (dallas) i get 30-45. Our server specs are a dual p4 3.2ghz with 1gig and 40gig hd with 10 mbps port conn. which is all in dallas. sorry it was so long but i'd rather make sure i get everything in before i explain more Toungue. O and my bandwith rates are maxrate:25000 minrate:10000 maxupdaterate: 101 minupdaterate 50
Give me a reply hurry up lol Big Grin
set this

minrate 10000
maxrate 25000
decal 10
maxupdate 100
mid update 33


Fps_max "201"

: ) that shud work then run the 100 tick in command line
is this wat the line i put in run should look like?

c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 14 -autoupdate -tickrate 100
-pingboost and -autoupdate are invalid commands for srcds in windows... if you want to pingboost a windows box you have to run some sort of windows res timer, like srcdsfpsbooster, or windows media player.

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