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How do I set votekick, voteban, votemap, and rockthevote
Those are done by mani admin. If you have it installed, read through the mani_server.cfg file, and you will find all of those settings. If you do not have mani admin installed, then go to their website to download it and follow installation instructions. Some other addons may also include the votekick, voteban, etc......but I am only familiar with mani.

Ok I am using mani, I must have missed it or something thanks.
Hmm I still can't seem to find were to enable it.
You don't need to flame that isnt what I asked for. Anyway that topic in the links makes no sence there are many typos i think unless there is a mani_server.fg which im sure there isnt.
I am at work now, but when I get home in about 4 hrs, I will look at my mani_server.cfg and send you the cvars. What version of mani are you running? They have done a nice job with the beta version of putting like cvars in sections with headers and everything, not like the previous versions.

Ok here we go, these are from 1.2M beta, but I believe that they are the same..

// Allow voting 1 = on, 0 = off (this cvar controls ALL voting)
mani_voting 1
// Allow user started votemaps
mani_vote_allow_user_vote_map 0
// Allow the users to kick players by vote
mani_vote_allow_user_vote_kick 0
// Allow the users to ban players by vote
mani_vote_allow_user_vote_ban 0
// Allow rock the vote
mani_vote_allow_rock_the_vote 1

Ok, there are the basic ones, there are also cvars to set the vote percentage before it takes place, and other stuff. I haven't had any problems running the beta of mani, maybe something to consider as the mani_server.cfg is easier to follow, among other things. Anyway, hope that helps.

Ok I got it figured out now. I forgot to put the exec mani_server.cfg on the server.cfg like. Also I forgot to enable voting when admin is present. Thanks for your help.
I was unsure if this was a mod related thing. I thought that the voting and stuff was handled by the srcds stuff.

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