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November 2014 (after leg surgery) → Squat max gain xtreme 45kg, 80kg Deadlift, Bench 42.5 May 2015 → 65 kg Squat, Deadlift 110 kg, 50 kg Bench I find that I can get more out of my training because I i.e. 6 times a week 4-5 times a week train, so has my body recover better chance. Secondly, my physically strong growth over the past period. Muscles get more justice and they have become a lot richer (Hello round buttocks) while my body fat was significantly reduced (21% summer 2014, May 2015 17.4%). I can also say that I have become very max gain xtreme pleased overall with my body. And without my body starved or do endless cardio. What about volume? Volume is the most critical factor when it comes to overall muscle and strength gains. The more you do, the higher the stress stimulus, the max gain xtreme more places your body, the stronger you become. However, there max gain xtreme is the misconception that volume only applies to isolation exercises and would not apply to heavy compound exercises. So many people 15+ reps understands as 'high volume' 4-6 and reps as "low volume". The number of reps or sets, however, has little to do with total picture of volume.....

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