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Few quick questions
Hello, just a few quick questions.

I'm know these are fairly simple, I just wanted to be sure if they were correct or not.


1. I'm on a DSL connection (2200kbps) with a dynamic IP, does that mean I'll have to give out a new IP address every time I restart the computer/modem? Pretty sure I do, but I just want to be sure.

2. When I first start the server, I get:

Adding master server 68.XXX.XX.XXX:27011
Adding master server 207.XXX.XXX.XX:27011

Do those have any relevance? Are the ports supposed to be 27011? Neither of them are my internal or external IP.

3. Is there any place I can go to verify my server succesfully got online? Obviously when I check on Xfire or Steams server list I won't see it since I'm playing from the same connection I'm hosting from. I've tried but had no luck.

4. When setting up the ports on my router, would it make any difference if I went 27000-27015 UDP/TCP, instead of just 27015-27015 UPD/TCP?


Here's a few specs if you can provide any further information:

Intel Pentium 4 HT Dual Core 3.20GHz
1024MB RAM
2200kbps DSL Connection/Router
Windows XP Media Center/Pro - Runs very fast
Clean, defragged often, no virii or spyware

Thanks alot, I wanted to get some of those out of the way.
As far as checking to see if your server is showing up.....You should get a listing in the lan tab and also in the first tab (internet ?)If you view the server info, the one in the lan tab will show your internal ip, the one in the internet servers list will show your external ip. Your port forwarding should be ok either way, as you only need 27015 forwarded. The adding master server xxxxxxxxxxxx I believe this is saying that it is connecting to the server listing servers. Hope that was helpful and correct.


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