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My server???
I have just installed the newest verison of ubuntu on my old emachine. It is running 633mhz and 128 ram. Now it says im getting and 33tickrate is this realy bad, if so how can I fix it. Also how many people do you think I could get on the server???

Hmmmmmm, 633mhz and 128 ram. I would probably leave it at 33 tic if it is running ok. To change it, you will need to add -tickrate xx to your command startup line (script) xx would be the tickrate.
If I changed this to 66 would that be ok??
As long as it runs ok, if you like give out the ip and we can check it out. I would guess that with 4 or 5 slots filled, it would start to choke the cpu, but it is only a guess. The best thing I have found out to do is just try it and see. G'luck

The most I have is 8 people on it. The server name is KillerProjects Clan (Public). Map should be an aim map. Ill put the IP when I get home.

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