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server fps 125
I don´t understand my css-server. I tried to configure +fps_max 600 but if i ask my hlsw stats then i get everytime only ~125 fps.

I used a Debian Sarge System with 2.6.15 Kernel.
And i tried out some diffrent cvars for example 33-100 Tickrate, other fps_max settings but i never get mor server fps.

Where is my problem or is it normal. I read in some other foren about 550 fps.

Please help me and give me some informations

a nice day, eXo
Sounds like the kernel is compiled at 250hz. I ran debian once and I thought mine was at 1000hz, but I could be wrong. The only way that I can think of would be to recompile the kernel and set the kernel timer frequency to 1000hz.


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