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Server Not Responding for some...
Ok so basicaly My server seems to be working fine, I am able to join and i have seen people join up too. For some reason one of my friends said that my server says NOT RESPONDING as if the server was off. But i was playing with other people when he told me it said that. Now i restarted the server, had him restart and refresh his server list a bunch of times, I thought maybe it was just him but he had a friend of his look at my server and it said the same thing. So it seems like for some people it is up and running fine and for some people it is donw completly. Any ideas? i have the port 27015 open and that was all i was told to open so i am sooo lost right now.

PS, since then I have still not directly seen any problems on my end and other friends of mine are able to join up.

Im runnin win xp pro tweeked
256 mb RAm
2.6 P4
180 gb hd
idk any question feel free to ask

I would really be obliged to get a hand with this
It sounds like maybe the friend that was having the trouble could be looking at the incorrect ip. Have him delete your server from his favorites list, then give him your ip and have him add it in again.

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