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The right repeat: 5 emphases for each leg. The tutor of the board: Contract the abs and keep the benefit down and unmoving in the midst of the ego. Endeavoring to "smash" a little tummy with each exhalation.

4. Squats Alpha tren

The squats are marvelous for working the thighs, gluts and abs.

Stand with your back straight, legs insignificantly isolated and toes turned outward, arms are along the body. Take in by achieving the abs and flex the knees, pushing rear backward (as if would sit) until the thighs are parallel to the floor. In the meantime, lift arms straight ahead at shoulder tallness. The back stays straight and hardly tilted forward. The body weight is on your heels. Inhale out going up the bust and keeping the contracted stomach. At the same time, cut the arms along the body to the starting position. Go over.

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