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Detailed recommendations for the treatment of constipation in children are presented in the article Constipation in children of different nucific bio x4 ages: an effective and safe treatment. Prevention of anal fissures For the prevention of rectal fissures try: Avoid constipation and eat more foods that are high in fiber, as well as at least 2 liters. of water per day (see above) nucific bio x4 Do not delay and feces defecate at first desire Never sit on the toilet for more than 2-3 minutes Every time after using the toilet to wash the anus with cold running water Try to exercise regularly.

Let's look at how to train in the nucific bio x4 gym if your goal is to burn fat and trim, athletic figure. These classes are also called training "on relief" because the burning of body fat is gradually beginning to emerge the beautiful lines to tighten muscles. First of all, your training must comply with all the principles described in the previous article on this topic - training on fat burning and fitness. Now go to the gym, and analyze the rules and methods of training .

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