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Thinking about colocating some servers
Hey guys i was thinking about buying a 10 stack of dell power edge disk servers and coloacating them somewere in central US, the ones im looking at are dual 3.0ghz P4's, with 2 gigs of ddr ram, and two 76gig hard drives on raid 0. Would those support a good amount of gaming servers, obviously they will be colocated so they would have a 100mbps connection.
Dual P4 doesn't excist
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Sorry my bad i meant xeon dual core 3.0's there dell power edge 1855's. Let me know what you guys think
yes they do, but it sounds like you don't have the knowledge to support the stuff. Don't think this is an easy business. It's not a business where you earn easy bucks, competition is killing.
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What are people born with this knowlege or somthing people can't learn it, im currently in college and am learning this so called knollege, the guy who runs my servers at affordablegameservers said its not that complicated and he said he runs like 1200 boxes, with not much problems. If i can run one box why can't i run a few, i currently have a p4 3.0 hyper threading, with 2 gig of ram and two 80 gig hard drives and 3300+ GB per month of bandwith along with my affordablegameserver 12 slot and 20 slot, but i won't have those two much longer since i just got this box. Its rented from
To be all honest this socaled "knowledge" witch Hollanda speaks of, is probably as small sent of buissnes and mostly common sence. and that is something that you can learn pritty easily. You did a typo, no big problem (for the rest of us not for hollanda thoughToungue)

Now to the server, I am currently manageing one of these servers, it cuite a good machine. (I am using the blade one.)
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@neon: what's the flame for? I you have troubles reading, tell me and I will explain my post especially for you.

What I am trying you guys to explain is that this business is not a easy bucket one. You will not earn thousands of dollars/euro's by hosting gameservers on a small or even medium base.

You have to invest in fast, new servers and at least in the beginning almost give them away (customers will not come if they not know what they are buying).

Prices like 2 dollar/euro a slot is not making you a lot of money.

Take a 1500 dollar/euro server, you can host 120 slots at max on this server. Server being paid of in 2 years: +/- 100 dollar/euro a month (including interest) bandwith/network: +/- 100 dollar/euro a month. You can host a max of 120 slots on this machine, so that's 240 dollar/euro's a month. So you're earning 40 bucks a month (not even talking about your other investments, like time, etc).

Just trying to explain investments in equipment are high and prices are low...
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$5000 you can buy 3 dual cpu servers for and host about 300-400 slots. If you read my previous post, you'll know it takes a long time to earn those $5000 back.
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