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MOTD not working :(
This is what my the motd looks like in the ftp server:

This is what it looks like when I click on it (its only a temporary one don't worry ;P):

When I go into the server, the motd is just blank, no background or anything. Can anyone help me?

Also, if I have an html file that requires pictures, can I just place them in the same folder as the motd?
Well, the motd can take some time to load. Due to the slow browser in counter-strike: Source it can take time to load html files. So if you wait max 2min when looking at the motd you might get to see your motd.

You can plase the pictures wereever you want, as long as they'r location url is writhen right.
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but for the html, for example, if it was like

<img src=dsf.gif>

would all i have to do is place the picture into the same folder as the motd?

and should that motd work? is it in the wrong place or anything?
<title>motd and rules</title>    
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="white">    
<center><img width=100% border="0" src=""></center>    

Use this code in your motd.txt, shouldn't take that long to load, the .jpg is only 00 kb.

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