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I used to run my server in high priority (nice 20), but after the most recent update, I can't do that anymore. Does anyone have a way to tweak it to use as many resources as it wants, or to basically the best way to run a linux server?
What do you mean you can't do that anymore? What error do you get? Also if I remember correctly -20 is the highest priority...I used to run mine at -15 though, but I think -20 would work on it too.
As far as the best way to run it, get the number of processes down as low as you can will help..You should be able to get 25 or lower.
yes he's correct, Valve fundementally changed the way the CPU interacts with Source on the 9th March Update to reduce lag spikes ( although it seems to have caused more to be honest, oh well )

Trying to renice the server causes considerable CPU usage even at -1, on mine i hit 100% in a short amount of time.

Youve got two options, rollback to pre 9/3 files & take the bugs but get a smoother server or dont renice

If you want the pre 9/3 files i think someones posted a link on the steam forum linux server section

two short question i hope you can help me...
The First:
How can i set up the priority under debian? whats the command?!?

I heared about the fps_max serverline, have i to place it in the server.cfg? I tried it but it doesnt work, without fps_max the Server runs with 166 FPS (the rcon stats command shows) and if I put the line in the server.cfg fps_max "600" it also runs at 166 FPS - how to put this higher?
I was using those older files, but they do not work any longer.

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