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I Installed the HLDSupdatetool I made a folder witch it would update into c:\srcds , So I properly installed it, ok then I proplery installed mani_plugin

then what I do is open GUI Mode witch I believe is where it has the graphs and bans and config and all that stuff.

then I go to start -> Run -> c:\srcds\srcds.exe

Like the tutoriel told me to do, Nothing Loads up, is there any other way besides GUI Mode? or Is there a way where It will load up. because once I load up GUI Mode then type in c:\srcds\srcds.exe then go on my server nothing happens plain old server Lol
anyone know what the problem is?
I think it might be the server.CFG bekuz It did not come with one and I dont got 1 can someone tell me how to get it?
I am having a similar problem. If you look at the tutorial it says to run srcds in GUI mode all you need to do is goto Start-> Run-> C:\srcds\srcds.exe. I tried this and it wouldn't work for me either. I can get the server to run in console mode if I goto Start-> Run-> C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike. But when I do that it doesnt run my server.cfg file, it just runs a generic server setup.

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