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Although bodybuilding can often become an addiction, it is primarily a lifestyle. And those who chose to subject themselves constraints it is important not to Blackcore Edge Max deviate. Up at 6:30, buffet lunch at 7am, 8am to training, rest ... You have a holy will and a mind of steel to keep a pace quite rational and methodical. "We eat six to seven times a day every two hours and a half or three hours. We try not to exceed three hours to prevent muscle catabolism. Dietetics is still the key to victory . In fact it is to reach a certain number of calories a day, following the same meal frequency, "reveals Fred Mompo. 1800-4500 calories are ingested and beings. Everything will depend on the athlete's training phase: mass uptake or dry. Workouts that usually last no more than an hour and are repeated three to six times a week. With one goal to the key: create muscle and muscle yet always in an aesthetic perspective. Strength training is as a tool for the bodybuilder and not an end in itself.

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