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Can someone plz help
I read the instructions and i put everything in the right folder, when i run my ded server, mani is running and i binded a key too, just like the tut but when i press the admin key to open the menu, i seis that ur not an admin.=(
i put my steam id in the adminlist.txt like i read in the tut but how come im not admin??????

ps. why dont i have the server.cfg in the cfg folder so i can use the password method instead of the steam id!?!??!
you have to make a server.cfg file to have one.. I have an online maker thing with directions and everything at

also make sure you added the right steam id, and that you don't have anything at all imediatly preceeding your steamid. Also make sure you have your steam id in the adminlist.txt file, and that you have restarted the server since adding yourself as admin.
The password method is placed in your adminlist and not your server.cfg

also make sure you have this in your server.cfg

exec mani_server.cfg or what ever you mani cfg file is.
tnx guys, i found my mistake, ur not soppose to put ur steam id on the
'//' or it will be commented, i am a programmer and somehow i forgot that. tnx for the server.cfgSmile

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