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server map settings, help!!
hello, so far i have all my server files working (or so it seems anyways) and ready to put on a hosting server that my friends dad has. but before i host it on his server i want to make some of my maps keep certain settings so that i dont have to change them every time or if there are no admins on it will be ok. for example i want scoutzknivez to keep low gravity at around 180 but just have it on that map, and for my surf maps i want to keep the accelerates at certain levels without them following into the next map (say its office or whatever). any help would be much appreciated.

thank you Big Grin

also, i got that srcdsfpsboost file, do i just run it and it works or do i need to save it somewhere. it didnt really specify anything
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are you using mani? or is your sever just a plain srcds?

If you are using mani...


is where you place MAP_NAME.cfg with all the cvars you want set / executed for that map.

if not, I will have to look up vavles dir for map configs.
just make a cfg folder in the maps folder, and make MAP_NAME.cfg files for each map. It works with or without mani.
skeletor Wrote:just make a cfg folder in the maps folder, and make MAP_NAME.cfg files for each map. It works with or without mani.

thats the steam solution i was looking for.

However if you do have mani you have a choice between what skeletor said and what i said you can do with mani.
sweet i got it to work thanks, i did a test one on scoutzknivez and it had the gravity set right.

thanks for your help
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since were on the topic of map settings, does ne1 have any suggestions on good surf map settings (accelerates, gravity, etc.)

once again thank you for your help
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I know you have to edit the air settings etc but no i do not. I would search for some surf servers and go to their web sites if they have them. Then ask the admins for settings.
yea.. well surf gravity should always be at 800, low gravity surf is way too easy, and in some cases it can be harder, its wierd. Either way its no fun. sv_airaccelerate needs to be set to atleast 100, but i think i had my server set to like 9999 cuz i was lazy Toungue and it doesn't make that big of difference. Atleast from my experience.
I suck @ surfing so I dont surf offten so I dont know the configs...

lol.. for a while i got good at it. but it got boring quick Big Grin

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