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sv_cheats keeps changing without any reason after each round
i cant figure out why sv_cheats is outa wack,it changes about 8 times from on to off after each round. i have the newest version of mani,gore mod, meta source, hlstatsx, and statsme running on a small 8 man server check it out your self @ any help would be greatly apprechiated
using eventscripts?

what version of main? the beta or zh?

what meta source plugins r u using?
first question.. does it do it with no plugins at all? Thats a lot of plugins, and really any one of them could be doin it. I would try disabling each one seperatly to find out which one is doing it.
Well I was thinking if he had eventscripts, it could be that as some scripts do trigger the sv_cheats spam (ex gun game...)
Umm, if you got mani. Try disabling INFINITE Gernades Big Grin

Hope it help


Are U using zBlock 1.0ab or CSP 1.1 ?
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I have CSP on my server and we dont get that, so I would bet it wouldnt be it.

Could you give us a server plugin_print?

Loaded plugins:
0:   "CAL Server Plugin 1.1 - made by opi"
1:   "Mani Admin Plugin 2005 V1.1.0zh,"
2:   "Mattie's EventScripts,, Version:0.9.1"
3:   "Mattie's MugMod, Mattie"
4:   "Mattie's Syphon, Mattie"

This way we can really see whats up
If using CSP 1.1 or zBlock 1.0 (or older) plz remove from your server. Your server is vulnerable:

Newest zBlock version:

No fixed version for CSP 1.1 yet.
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