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sv_maxupdaterate and TickRate, please help
If I my maxupdaterate is set to 30
-sv_maxupdaterate 30
Is it pointless to have the Server TickRate set at 66?
-tickrate 66
and what effect does maxupdaterate have on bandwidth?
could I set maxupdaterate to 60 but have low maxrate maybe 7500? if maxrate is too low will you not get the maximum maxupdaterate?
maybe someone could make some suggestions for my setup?
Windows Xp (tweaked)
2.8ghz Celeron
512mb DDR ram
512kbps up
4000kbps down
thank you
N 2 Deep - tx
server ip:
maxupdaterate will have the most effect on cpu from my experience. I think it has little effect on bandwidth, what controls bandwidth is maxrate. the low maxrate and higher updaterate should be fine, thats how I used to run my server.

Ultimatly though, the maxupdaterate has to be higher then the tickrate. Or you will not take full advantage of the higher tick.

..also, the best advise I or anyone can give for rate settings, is try it out, test it for yourself. Some connections choke when they reach full usage, others handle it fine. Some connections handle it fine one day, and the next not so well. So see what rates work best for your connection.
Damn glad to have found this forum, gave me the incentive to install srcds instead of using steam .
I have one question not exactly pertaining to this thread but kinda somehow does . With your tickrate set at 66 what is the lowest (general) maxrate setting possible and yet take advantage of the 66 tickrate? I tried 20000 which was great until the server filled and then the pings went crazy . The connection is ok, 8 megs down and 768 up . When i ran the server through steam with the default tick of 33 and whatever steam uses for the maxrate I could host 14 slots with zero lag. With the settings mentioned above after 11 slots were full the upload was maxed and the pings went crazy . In your experience should I be able to host a 12 slot server with a 66 tick rate ? The box itself is more than enough to handle it I believe . amd 64 xp 3200 1 gig of dual channel ddr 400 . On the same box I have hosted a 12-13 slot cod 2 server with out any problems at all , always full but since the patch its dead so I thought I would throw up a CSS server running srcds which I have always wanted to do.

thanks for any responses do really appreciate it .
Links , responses , whatever are welcome
Found some interesting threads on maxrate but not when the tickrate has been increased from default , so im gonna keep on looking when i have more time at work now lol. Still open to any help
I run a 10slot with maxrate 15000 on the same connection specs that you mentioned and all runs good, with starts to get laggy.

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